In August 2016, I visited villages in the Western Maharashtra & Marathwada in order to collect case stories for a few projects that WOTR implements. This photo essay  is an attempt to showcase some of more candid moments in the field and offers a small glimpse of life in rural Maharashtra.

-Pragati Khabiya


What was he more occupied with? His livestock  or the thoughts that bombarded his mind?

Snapped at Kutewadi,Parner.This village is known for the highest number of sheep rearers in this block. The grazing lands that belong to the public are usually located on the outskirts of the village.


Gripped by conversations,lost in time

On a sunny afternoon in Dharwadi,Pathardi women wait under a a tree for the six seater tempo  (local mode of transport) to arrive. The spot is the  pick up point from their village to travel to the nearby areas and also a place to catch up on conversation while waiting.


While the father bull  gives a stare,his children continue to happily play!

It was during a morning stroll in Pagirwadi, Ambad that I met these three boys. The older boys were playing on a swing and watching over the youngest before they had to leave for school.


To each their own world

An old man makes his way to the village temple at Pagirwadi,Ambad at around 8 in the morning. The temple is a common venue for community gatherings. People come here to offer prayers together during festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi  and it is a common meeting point to chitchat.


Bazaar: potpourri of chaos and vibrant colours

The weekly bazaar at Karanji, Pathardi attracts people from the adjoining villages and hamlets. They come here for variety of goods available, and equally importantly, the discounts.


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