Dhavalpuri Bazaar

-Bidisha Sinha and Pragati Khabiya

It is the job of the market to turn the base material of our emotions into gold.
Andrei Codrescu

Markets come in all shapes and forms, from chaotic open air bazaars to that of most advanced market economies including sterile supermarkets and the emerging virtual e-retail space. Unlike in cities where markets have a more permanent character, in rural India,  bazaars are still a grand weekly event, where makeshift stalls appear on the roadside for the day. It is an amalgamation of culture, emotions and colours. Apart from selling a variety of products ranging from vegetables to clothes, from livestock to sweetmeats, these are the places where people meet, catch up and network with each other.

It was a Wednesday when we happened to visit the village of Dhavalpuri, Maharashtra. Noticing only a few people at sight, we enquired what the matter was. The villagers had flocked to buy goods at the weekly market. So we decided to take a peek at it is ourselves. The photo series are some glimpses captured during our visit to this bazaar.





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