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3D Modelling for Participatory Water Management

by Sarita Chemburkar Many a little makes a mickle. Each and every drop of water is necessary but its management is not proper. Maharashtra being a semi-arid region the scenario of groundwater is totally different as it plays a significant role in agriculture development and irrigation.  This region is dominantly made up of hard rock […]

Agriculture and sustainability – understanding the commonly used terminologies

By Shreya Banerjee In order to deal with the consequences of climate change, the unsustainable nature of conventional agriculture, and the tremendous stress on the world’s limited and rapidly depleting natural resources, various new practices have been coming up in the field of sustainable agriculture. The blog explores the different terminologies that have come up and […]

Migration and Land Degradation: The complex connection

By Shreya Banerjee On this World Desertification Day, we explore the connection between land degradation and migration Why is migration a problem? Migration is thought of as a major development issue, especially in countries like India, which see a large number of people migrating from rural areas to other rural areas or to various urban […]

WOTR at Adaptation Futures, 2018 in Cape Town

Showcasing 9 studies on Vulnerabilities, Resilience and Adaptation “Adaptation Futures is the world’s premier conference on climate change adaptation…This is the first time the conference is held on the African continent. We aim to use this setting to foreground developing country adaptation issues and increase developing world and African participation.” This is the notion behind […]

Beating plastic pollution in agriculture – World Environment Day special

WOTR urges state and union governments to go beyond ban on single-use plastic bags and bottles, and look at its growing use in agriculture also. This practice, plasticulture, is extensively used in lining of farm ponds, green houses, micro-irrigation (drips and sprinklers) and plastic mulching and can threaten soil health and potentially enter food chain.