Based on Data gathered up to August 31, 2020 As of 10th September, 2020, India has crossed 4.5 million cases and 75,000 deaths from the COVID-19 virus. While there is no let up in the rising figures, we at WOTR are continuing to support communities across our project villages.  As the pandemic spreads further into […]

As a part of its flagship project to enhance the income of the tribals across 11 villages of Gunupur block in Rayagada district of Odisha, WOTR has collaborated with the various department for convergence work by Anshuman Panda The district of Rayagada in Odisha has a  variety of flora and fauna. The temperature is tropical […]

by Harshal Khade With inputs and photos from Sachin Barve, Virendra Kumar Dubey, Haraprasad and Satish Kadam. Agricultural tools and equipment are an integral part of agriculture. They help farmers accomplish agriculture activities. These are instruments that are used for making the laborious work easier. These tools can be broadly grouped under land preparation implements, […]

Based on Data gathered up to July 2020 Last week, India registered over 2 million cases of COVID-19 and over 44,000 deaths. Behind these statistics, there is a great deal of pain and suffering. Here is a glimpse of how WOTR is helping to address the pandemic effectively. With the support from our donors, ground […]

WOTR promotes a total of 700 kitchen gardens in 11 villages of Kulusing, Jaltar, Putasing and Tolana panchayats of Gunupur block in the Rayagada district of Odisha. Fruits and vegetables grown in these gardens play an important role in filling the gaps in nutritional requirements by providing freshly-harvested organic produce to vulnerable households. by Kasturi […]

Indigenous crop varieties have adapted to many changes over generations and could be critical for future food security. by Harshal Khade With inputs and photos from Virendra Kumar Dubey, Arvind Kumar Uikey, Kasturi Samal, Sujaya Dangwar and Ganesh Kakde Germinating seeds ready to be sown in a raised-bed dry nursery / WOTR Jharkhand. India is one […]

by Shyna Dudeja Indigenous communities hold a wealth of traditional knowledge on sustainable practices that will help in conservation of natural resources while tackling the climate crisis in the near future. On the occasion of World Conservation Day, here is a story on how Watershed Organisation Trust, in association with a tribal community in Jharkhand, […]

by Asif Alam Mazumder and Harshal Khade Photo Credits: Mohan Dhuldhar The monsoon is in full swing. Kharif crops are sown. While rainfall nurtures the crops, it is important to replenish groundwater and conserve it for the rabi season too. Proper watershed interventions ensure excess rainwater is channelised and conserved, even in times of recurring […]

As WOTR’s plantation activity gets underway in Odisha, here is a closer look at the process behind readying the land for planting cashew saplings, which will ensure a steady income for smallholder farmers in the longterm. by Anshuman Panda Agro-horticulture plantation is usually done in valleys of a watershed where the soil is not suitable […]

by Harshal Khade, Prithviraj Gaikwad Photo credits: Kakasaheb Wadekar, Anita Kate, Ganesh Kakde In multilayer farms, as different types of vegetables, pulses and fruits are grown, they complement each other in many ways such as providing shade canopy, litter, increasing moisture holding capacity of the soil while nurturing microflora. As there are crops with different […]