by Ankita Yadav Groundwater pollution has become a serious concern worldwide, the anthropogenic and geo-genic (natural phenomena) pressures being the major reasons. Human lifestyles in residential and municipal areas, commercial and industrial activities and the growing demand for agriculture are the main contributors to groundwater contamination. India is the largest consumer of groundwater with an […]

Written by Devaraj de Condappa, TMG Research, and Stephen Roche In recent decades, India has suffered greater economic losses and human fatalities due to extreme weather events — such as droughts, storms or flooding — than any other country[1]. Millions of people are regularly displaced due to extreme weather. Many Indians acutely understand the urgency […]

Dr. Arun Bhagat and Er. Madhav Gholkar According to the Global Climate Risk Index 2021, recently published in German-Watch, India ranks seventh among 180 countries in the world’s most affected by climate change. At the same time, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has already stated in 2014 that global warming will increase the […]

By Bhakti Harchekar and Eshwer Kale While watching a film on WOTR’s Water Stewardship efforts, “Paani Kaarbhari – Water Stewards”, that won the Ministry of Jal shakti’s ‘Water Heroes: Share Your Stories’ contest[1], we came across the wise words of a village woman who says that “Water does not belong to one person, it belongs […]

– Nikhil Nikam and Taneesha Mohan “Everything is connected”. I watched a docuseries named “Connected: the hidden science of everything” where a journalist named Latif Nasser investigates how we and the universe are connected. After watching this docuseries, I thought about it and tried gathering pieces of evidence regarding this connectivity around me over the […]

by Sarita Chemburkar and Navnath Ghodake To understand and manage groundwater resources and their planning in an appropriate way, a Hydrogeological survey was conducted in the Yacharam and Manchal Mandal villages of Ranga Reddy district of Telangana. Rapid urbanisation has put tremendous stress on natural resources and an increasing demand in the urban areas creates […]

COVID-19 and subsequent lockdowns exposed structural inequalities and created double vulnerabilities in the life of Pastoralists by Dada R Dadas COVID-19 has been one of the longest epidemics which has resulted in paralysing the health sector, economic activities, and so on. The unplanned lockdown affected social interactions, life, livelihood, and economy in general and has […]

by Chiti Guptawith inputs from Sujaya Dangwar (Jharkhand), Bhagyashree Moholkar (Maharashtra) & Kasturi Samal (Odisha) As per the Government of India directives, the entire month of September was to be dedicated as the ‘Rashtriya Poshan Maah’. This year the theme is Complimentary Feeding. WOTR has been promoting mother and child nutrition, kitchen gardens, growth monitoring […]

Based on Data gathered up to September 2020 India is now among the three countries in the world to reach the bleak milestone of 100,000 deaths caused due to novel coronavirus after the United States and Brazil, and its epidemic shows no sign of abating. As COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak unprecedented havoc, we at […]

by Harshal Khade In the month of September, WOTR has organised a second series of online workshops in Maharashtra, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, Odisha and Chhattisgarh to know the how people are dealing with the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and to discuss how to address the pandemic effectively. This series was organised […]